GP Suspension Low Stiction 49MM Showa Fork Seal/Dust Seal Complete Kit

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As seen on the graph below the GP Suspension seal (gold line) has less stiction than the OEM (red line). The graph depicts the amount of force required to compress the fork at different velocities. 

Reducing stiction in your fork seals can have a positive impact on your suspension system and result in a better overall riding experience. Stiction refers to the static friction between two surfaces in contact, and in the context of fork seals, it is the resistance encountered when the fork stanchions move within the seals. Here's how reducing stiction can improve your suspension:

  1. Improved Responsiveness:

    • Lower stiction means less resistance to the initial movement of the fork, allowing the suspension to respond more quickly to bumps and irregularities in the terrain.
    • A suspension system with reduced stiction can better follow the contours of the ground, leading to improved traction and handling.
  2. Enhanced Small Bump Sensitivity:

    • Small bumps and imperfections in the riding surface are better absorbed when there is minimal stiction. This results in a smoother and more comfortable ride.
    • Enhanced small bump sensitivity is crucial for maintaining tire contact with the ground, providing better grip and control.
  3. Increased Suspension Compliance:

    • Lower stiction contributes to increased compliance of the suspension system. Compliance refers to the ability of the suspension to move freely and smoothly.
    • A more compliant suspension can better absorb impacts, offering a more comfortable and controlled ride.
  4. Reduced Friction-Induced Heat:

    • Excessive stiction can generate heat as the fork stanchions move within the seals. This heat can negatively affect the performance of the suspension over time.
    • Reducing stiction minimizes heat generation, helping to maintain consistent suspension performance during prolonged rides.
  5. Consistent Damping Performance:

    • Lower stiction ensures that the damping characteristics of the fork remain consistent. Damping controls the speed of the fork's compression and rebound movements.
    • Consistent damping performance is essential for predictable handling and a more controlled riding experience.
  6. Extended Seal Life:

    • Excessive stiction can contribute to premature wear of the fork seals. Reducing stiction helps extend the life of the seals, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.