GP Suspension, 25mm Cartridge Kit for HD Softail Lowrider ST 2022-2023

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Our GP Suspension 25mm cartridge kit, renowned for propelling national-level racers to podium victories, has undergone a transformation in valving, spring rate, and travel to elevate your Softail into a ride of pure excellence. Exceptional suspension begins with a hydraulic system capable of absorbing every imperfection on the road you travel. With decades of collaboration alongside top-tier racers, we've tirelessly refined our system. All our machining and engineering work remains in-house, proudly American-made in Ventura, CA.

The outcome? Amplified traction, heightened comfort, and above all, a ride that brings a genuine smile to your face. Crafting each kit involves meticulous consideration of rider weight and individual riding style. Recognizing that the right setup is fundamental to exceptional suspension, we take immense pride in tailoring a kit specifically for every rider. Whether you seek a luxuriously smooth ride for your everyday bumpy roads or crave a track-ready, precision-handling experience, we have the solution for you.

Our kit is fully adjustable (preload, compression, and rebound). These adjustments can be found on your new fork cap. Some riders prefer to set it and leave it, while some riders like to tinker between setups. Either way, we are a call away for all your setup questions.

Our kit bumps your stroke from 121mm to 125mm. We work hard on the R&D side when it comes to finding the optimal amount of stroke for every bike.

We also build custom lengths to accommodate those who want more ground clearance, or different geometry. The customer will need to supply the longer chrome tubes in some cases and we will build it to length.

See installation video:

Pricing includes a spring set selected by our setup technician based on your riding information?