GP Suspension, 25mm Cartridge Kit for HD Baggers 2014-2023

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We've revamped our GP Suspension 25mm cartridge kit – the very same system that has propelled national-level racers to victory on podiums – by enhancing the valving mechanism, adjusting spring rates, and optimizing travel to transform your bagger into an absolute dream ride. Our foundation lies in exceptional hydraulic systems capable of absorbing every bump and inconsistency on the road. With years of collaboration with riders, we've honed this system to perfection.

Setting us apart from competitors, our system is a three-valve setup, including a compression piston, rebound piston, and base valve. The inclusion of the base valve ensures hydraulic support during high-speed instances, such as sudden front-end loading. Unlike two-valve systems that might compromise front-end feel due to oil packing during abrupt braking or compression, our three-valve design allows oil to flow seamlessly through another meticulously calibrated piston/shim stack, delivering a smoother experience.

Furthermore, our kits are tailor-made for each rider. By considering factors like rider weight, bike weight, and riding preferences, we craft a kit that perfectly suits your individual needs

We've never outsourced any of our machine work or engineering. Everything in your front end is wholly American made in Ventura, CA, and we are proud of this. The end result? More traction, more comfort, and most importantly a ride that really puts a smile on your face. We take every riders weight, and their style of riding into account when we build their kit. We know that setup is key to good suspension, and we take pride into giving every rider a kit that is custom made for them. Whether you want a buttery smooth ride to cruise your bumpy home roads, or you want a ride on rails that can take the abuse of a track day. We have you covered.

Our kit is fully adjustable (preload, compression, and rebound). These adjustments can be found on your new fork cap. Some riders prefer to set it and leave it, while some riders like to tinker between setups. Either way, we are a call away for all your setup questions.

Our kit bumps your stroke from 117mm to 122mm. We work hard on the R&D side when it comes to finding the optimal amount of stroke for every bike.

We also build custom lengths to accommodate those who want more ground clearance, or different geometry. The customer will need to supply the longer chrome tubes in these cases, and we will build it to length. Feel free to give us a call with questions. 

Slight modification of your upper tubes required** the larger diameter piston requires more clearance and removal of the oem bottoming assembly is required. See installation video below:

Optionally, you can choose to add our ready modified fork tubes to your order

Pricing includes a spring set selected by our setup technician based on your riding information